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Known Issues in Latest iOS Version (v1.3.0)


Applying the Database Update to SightSet v1.1.1

2014-01-24: Just to confirm, you only need this update if you are still on v1.1.1 of SightSet. If you've updated to SightSet v1.2.0 then you have all of the updated data in your database already.

2013-06-18: As promised, we've got the database update ready. We strongly advise you to update your database to this latest version, not least because it corrects the errors in the 3.5 cm @ 100m and 2.8cm @ 100m click settings in the database that ships with the app. In addition, you'll get 9 new click settings and 45 new targets (for BDS, DCRA & ICFRA).

How to Update Your Database

The v1_1_1 database update is really very small at only around 6 kilobytes, so should only take a few seconds to download. To download and install the updates, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Open SightSet and tap on the Settings tab.
  2. Scroll to the Target Database section, and tap the Download button. The status line will show a message that SightSet is checking for updates. This will then change to a progress bar as the update downloads. (You can cancel the download at any time.) When the download has completed, the button will change to Apply, with a Delete option on the line below.
  3. Tap the Apply button. A dialog will pop up to tell you that the update is being applied, which will disappear at the end of the process. While the dialog is visible, you can cancel the update and apply it later if you wish - but the whole process should only take a few seconds.

Once the update is complete, the Current version field will change to v1_1_1, and the Target Organisations section will include new entries for BDS, DCRA & ICFRA.

If you have previously created any sights using the 3.5cm or 2.8cm click settings you should delete them, and recreate them after applying the update.

Known Issues in (v1.1.1)

This section is maintained simply because v1.1.1 is the last version of the app to work on iOS 3. Unfortunately, in order to fully support iOS 7 users, we have had to drop support for iOS 3. Any existing iOS 3 users will still receive database updates, but, sadly, there is now no mechanism whereby we can support bug fixes or any further application enghancements.

2014-01-24: iOS 7.0.3 issue on iPhone 4 & 5. Updated. The issue with shot/group navigation for iOS 7 users has been fixed. Just update your app to version 1.2.0.

2013-06-13: A user has reported a bug with creating custom targets in centimetres (thanks Frits). Unfortunately, SightSet is ignoring the centimetre setting, so user-defined targets are always being created in inches.

Convert your target measurements to inches. Create your target. On the Settings screen, make sure that have set Shotfall Measurement Units to cm. Check that you have set the dimensions correctly by plotting some dummy shots on the Adjustments screen.

2013-06-07: There is an error with AR15/M16/M4 click settings (3.5cm @ 100m and 2.8cm @ 100m) in the database version that ships with the app. This is corrected by applying the database update, as described above.

We want our users to have a good experience of SightSet, and try very hard to attain that goal. Unfortunately, despite our efforts, something sometimes slips through, and for that we apologise. Don't worry, though, the guilty parties are having their privileges withheld.

Our intention with fixes is to avoid the burden of repeated updates. So unless it's something that has a really serious impact, please be patient for a fix to arrive. Furthermore, Apple now requires that any new app submissions make use of the extra screen size on iPhone 5. Unfortunately, this also means that with the next update, SightSet will lose compatibility with iOS 3.0. At the point where we make the change, users who are restricted to iOS 3 (e.g. first generation iPod) will continue to receive database updates for any new targets or click settings, however.

Known Issues in Latest Android Version (v1.0)


Known Issues in Latest Kindle Version (v1.0)


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Intellectual property is a minefield, so we are with Apple's policy in this area: we don't accept or consider unsolicited ideas for new products, enhancements, materials, etc. If you are wondering why, please consider the following:

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